A number of the web links below are broken because of changes within organisations and the technology they use for e-learning.


I’ve shifted out of a teaching role into one that helps teachers.


Have shifted disciplines. Now teaching education at the University of Southern Queensland. USQ uses Moodle and the course sites are generally restricted. Teaching responsibilities have included


2007-2010 I have been employed by Central Queensland University in a role designed (and the odd other role) to help academics improve their learning and teaching.


In the 2nd half of 2006 I moved to teaching Information Systems courses. I’m currently coordinating COIS20025, Systems Development Overview. I’m likely to be involved with this course for the next year or so, at the least. As part of this I’ve adapted some past CQU material into a PDF explaning how to develop entity relationship diagrams. This link is being included as part of an experiment with free content and its google ranking.

For the first half of 2006 I coordinated the course COIT11134, Procedural Programming.


From March to June 2005 I am coordinating COIT11134 Programming B (C++)


From July-Oct 2004 I will be providing the lectures, tutorials and labs for two courses

  1. COIT11133, Programming A – main course siteMy local site
  2. COIT11134, Programming B – main course siteMy local site


In July-Oct 2002 I was involved with two courses

  1. MMST11002, Constructing CyberspaceRunning a single tute for Rockhampton students.
  2. Practical Web EngineeringRunning a special topic course for IT students.


During most of this time I was the Faculty of Informatics and Communication’s Teaching and Learning Innovation officer. This basically meant that I was leading the development of Webfuse, the collection of information systems that supported the operations of the faculty.


I was the CQU teacher of the year in 2000 for the work on the following courses.

Way back when I taught

  • 85321, Systems AdministrationThis course was created in the early 90s and has been taught in a primarily online mode in
    1996 and 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
  • 85349, Operating SystemsI have taught this course on and off since 1993. The latest version made heavy use of the Web.