Helpdesk and training – first step in SDO

Overall Aim Make learning in SDO more authentic. Make it like the student is arriving at a real organisation as a trainee Systems Analyst. Making that organisation CQU would enable us to leverage off the students interactions at the campuses, but also with our knowledge of the systems. Training and Helpdesk One place for them to start would be with […]

Web 2.0 Course Sites

Thesis That Universities can provide a better quality, more reliable elearning service and, at the same time, repurpose resources away from low-level infrastructure resources towards higher-level customisation roles, by replacing the current model for learning management systems. The current model for course sites means that all content and technology used as part of course websites is hosted and maintained by […]

Jenny Anastasi' presentation

Part of a project for “Embracing blogs” for information literacy. Based on a paper that I think I’ve seen before. Quicktime broadband version of the talk. Probably only visible to people on the CQU campus. Paper presented at Networked Learning 2006. Most of the work is coming from Sandra Cochrane who has now moved to USQ. Project started to use […]

Including Dojo in pages

Based on various sources including the Dojo “manual” Three starting sections in HEAD setting flags – this one is optional djConfig = { isDebug: false }; dojo bootstrap – I think I found that this didn’t work as a single tag – had to be the open/close tag set define the packages to be used dojo.require(“dojo.event.*”); dojo.require(“*”); dojo.require(“dojo.widget.*”); Path to […]

Information literacy skills causing problems with BAM

The “Gantt chart” question in week 3 has caused students some problems. The textbook only briefly mentions Gantt charts. It doesn’t step by step tell the students how to do it. There is no structure. My assumption was that simple project management and using Project isn’t that difficult a task for Masters level students. I was wrong. Not surprisingly this […]

Further issues with BamRegistration

Two additional problems Support for SSL – a student tried to register a URL with https: and the system said couldn’t retireve the URL. Need to add support for SSL or improve the error message. A student registered the RSS feed URL and was accepted. Need to ensure they give the HTML version

Limitations of incoming students and Gantt charts

Thought it would be a grand idea to get the students, in week 3, to prepare a Gantt chart planning out their study for the term. They get to apply some content knowledge and think actively about planning their study. Of course, the problem is that many of these students are new to technology. Satish is reporting that a number […]

BAM Progress #1

It’s now the end of week 2 of CQU’s Term 2 for 2006. This is the first attempt at a log entry for the first test of the BAM project in the CQU course COIS20025, Systems Development Overview Key events this week Initial BAM Management interface up and going Concerns from staff about the workload for students and a response […]

Drucker on Adaptive vs Plan-driven

Peter Drucker from “The Effective Executive” “Most discussions of the knowledge worker’s task start with the advice to plan one’s work. This sounds eminently plausible. The only thing wrong with it is that it rarely works. The plans always remain on paper, always remain good intentions. They seldom turn into achievement.” “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” “‘Planning’ as the term is commonly […]

Sun Tzu Strategy Quote

The essence of strategy is the close view of distant things and the distant view of close things — Sun Tzu My interest in emergent/agile approaches means I’m not a fan of strategy and/or strategic appraoches currently used in most business. I think there is possibilities to use this quote to bring out my disquiet with this approach, at least […]

Writing and sending the email to students – using blogs

I’m trying to come up with the email that I’ll send to all the DE students telling them about the how and why they’ll be creating a blog for COIT11134. Important Lesson(s) Wordpress, the blog hosting option I’ve chosen, seems simple and easy to use.  Should be a good choice. But my perception is almost certainly going to be different […]

Getting started with the blog

I’ve just created the new sample student blog for COIT11134.  This is the first post.  I’ve changed the look for the blog and removed the test post that WordPress adds automatically. Most important Not sure there is a most important concept for this task.  Maybe it is just getting use to using the blog interface. Problems Ignoring all the bells […]