The following is an ad hoc collection of what I class as my current research projects. At any one stage some or all of these may be slightly inactive.

The Moodle open book project.

IRAC Framework formulation

Build on the initial work from this paper in developing and applying the IRAC framework to understand and design learning analytics based interventions.

Work to be done

  • Expand the short ASCILITE paper into a larger paper describing the IRAC framework and applying it to understanding different analytics applications.
  • Use the IRAC framework to analyse the existing learning analytics literature and to also further develop the IRAC framework components.
  • Use the IRAC framework to guide design of learning analytics based interventions – specifically BIM.

Learning analytics – Indicators extensions

Revisit and extend some of the work done in the first Indicators paper, perhaps even some of the latter papers. A particular focus here is trying to understand the current shape of Australian university e-learning and how it’s evolved over recent times.

Planned tasks include

  • Check the literature to see what work has gone on since the original paper.
  • Get access to the data at two different institutions.
  • Develop a common code base/approach to analysing the data.
  • Exploring a range of perspectives on how to analyse the data.

BIM extensions, distributed TPACK and related thoughts

Need to continue work on the BIM activity module for Moodle for my own work and perhaps explore other extension. Related to this to extend ideas in this year’s Moodlemoot AU presentation on BIM


  • Check BIM for Moodle 2.5.
  • Analyse 2013 BIM usage in EDC3100 to inform analytics extensions
  • Consider how to integrate “learning journal” marking from EDC3100 into BIM (remove the manual work)

Exploring the gap – ICTs, pedagogy, curriculum and schools

There is an increasing requirement from the Australian Curriculum and increasing expectations from society that ICTs will be integrated into school. ICTs will be used to enhance the pedagogy and will also form part of the curriculum. One of the important factors in this happening is ICT rich classrooms. i.e. learners and teachers in classrooms actually having ICTs to use.

At the same time, pre-service teachers learning their trade need to be aware of what types of ICTs they can expect to see in classrooms so they can prepare. As I try to help this process, the aim here is to develop an approach that maps out the current reality of ICTs in the classroom. What’s there? How much of it works? etc.

Some tasks

  • Look more at the literature to see who’s done what.
  • Explore the ethical and technical issues around integrating something that’s both research and teaching into the one project.