Visualising and pruning my Memex

Update – now automated memex links In writing the following I stumbled across the idea that writing blog posts in Foam would enable the merging of content from Memex and blog posts. I then discovered it didn’t work out of the box. More work was needed. But the nature of the technology involved meant that it wasn’t that hard and […]

Getting started with memex

My last post was an exploration of Foam (a nascent personal knowledge management and sharing system) and how I might use it. This post documents two steps toward implementation Writing blog posts using Foam and syncing to my blog (e.g. this post) Converting almost 100 notes from my wikity into Foam The end result is that my personal memex is […]

Initial steps with the #FedWikiHappening happening

So I’m starting another MOOC. Though it’s not a MOOC at all. It’s apparently a SiCMOOC (small intimate Connectivist MOOC). Though that term is labouring a fad for more than it’s worth. Much prefer the term the organiser (Mike Caufield @holden) is using a happening The happening metaphor is borrowed from theater, where tightly structured but ultimately meaningless events combine […]