Higher ed L&T’s scale problem?

Contemporary higher education appears to have a scale problem. Ellis & Goodyear (2019) explain in some detail Bain’s and Zundans-Fraser’s (2017) diagnosis of why attempts by universities to improve learning and teaching rarely scale, including the observation that L&T centers try to “influence learning and teaching through elective, selective, and exemplary approaches that are incompatible with whole-organizational change” (Bain & […]

Gatherers, Weavers and Augmenters: Three principles for dynamic and sustainable delivery of quality learning and teaching

April 2023 will/did find Henry Cook, Steven Booten and I giving a presentation with this title at the THETA conference. The talk will describe, reflect, and extrapolate from work we did as part of a Blackboard to Canvas LMS migration. Our aim being to glean and share insights from this work that can help make the institutional work of enabling […]