The Problem

One of the benefits of using jQuery as the initial framework for the Content Interface is that you can leverage the existing ecosystem. e.g. jQuery’s themes enable a default Content Interface (on the left) to be “themed” (on the right) by changing a single line of CSS.

The problem is visually obvious in the above. The Reviewed and Not Reviewed additions to the accordion bars have not changed colours to fit the themes. Not to mention being pretty horribly designed regardless of the colour.

Can this be fixed?

Do jQuery’s themes provide support for this type of colour?

Exploring the jQuery theme roller and the CSS framework for jQuery reveals some classes that could be useful: .ui-state-highlight .ui-state-error .ui-priority-primary .ui-priority-secondary .ui-state-disabled

After a bit of experimentation .ui-state-active (Not Reviewed) and .ui-state-disabled (Reviewed) appear to be the best options. Giving the following results.

Can the Content Interface be modified to support this?

Should be a quick matter of modifying the HTML code that the Javascript is producing.

Yep, that worked. Time to commit and deploy.

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