Improving jQuery theme/Content Interface integration

The Problem One of the benefits of using jQuery as the initial framework for the Content Interface is that you can leverage the existing ecosystem. e.g. jQuery’s themes enable a default Content Interface (on the left) to be “themed” (on the right) by changing a single line of CSS. The problem is visually obvious in the above. The Reviewed and […]

Learning to think in React

As outlined previously I’m taking some steps toward learning and using the React Javascript library to develop some web interfaces/applications. The following documents progress toward writing that first application, which is largely confined to develop an initial mock-up and then learning more about the “React way”. Developing a mock-up The React site provides an introduction the main concepts of React. […]

Playing with React.js as a technology for CASA

Can React.js help extend CASA support for forward-oriented design? As the title suggests the aim here is to discover if the React.js library for building web (and other) user interfaces might help address some limitations and add some needed features to the Contextually-Appropriate Scaffolding Assemblage (CASA) idea (Jones, 2019). I’m going to be spending a fair bit of time on […]