Below are collection of resources related to a presentation given at Moodle Moot’AU 2016, titled “How and why do people use the Moodle Book Module?”

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The Moodle Book module “makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format”. During the first half of 2012 the Moodle Book module was used in only 2 courses at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). Those 2 courses contained 32 resources produced with the Book module. By the second half of 2015, 68 courses used the Book module to produce 396 resources. This presentation will report on some of the findings of an exploratory case study that is interested in answering the question: How and why do learners and teachers use the Moodle Book module?

The presentation will aim to

  • examine the characteristics (media used, readability, structure etc.) of the of content of the Book resources;
  • reveal the patterns and paths behind how authors and readers interacted with the Book resources;
  • suggest possible relationships between the content characteristics and usage by authors/readers;
  • identify factors that contributed to why teaching staff made the decision to adopt (or not); and, continue using (or not) the Book module;
  • outline some initial implications that these findings might have for the support and development of the Moodle Book; and,
  • invite alternate explanations, implications and suggestions for what was found and what might be done next.

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How big are the courses?

What percentage of students are online?

When are the books used?

What percentage of the students are reading all of the Book

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