I’m spending this week attending the SITE’2016 conference (SITE = Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education). This is my first SITE and the following outlines some of my expectations and intent.

It’s big

Site is one of a raft of conferences run by AACE. I’ve been to two of them previously: EdMedia and Elearn. These are big conferences. 1000+ delegates. Up to be beyond 10 simultaneous sessions. Lots of in-crowds and cliques. Lots of times when there is nothing you’re really interested in, and lots of times when there are multiple things you are very interested in. A lot of really good stuff lost in the mass.

Observations that have been borne out by my first glance at the program.  Too much to take in and do justice to.

At face value, a fairly traditional large conference. With the same breadth of simple to complex, of repetition to real innovation, from boring to mind-blowing. Probably the same ratio as well.

As I’m far from being an extroverted and expert networker, I instead rely on actively trying to make some connections with what I see and I’m doing/going to do.

Join a clique?

While our paper didn’t get an overall paper award, it was successful in winning a TPACK SIG Paper Award.  Given that our previous paper was also TPACK related and won a paper award. This might suggest a “clique” with which I might have some connection, and there are a couple of related papers that sound interesting.

There also appear to be other “cliques” based around computational thinking, design thinking/technologies, and ICT integration by pre-service teachers (more generally than TPACK).  All of these are interests of mine, they connect directly to teaching.

I’m thinking a particular focus for the next few days will one identifying and sharing ideas for using digital technology in school settings with the current EDC3100 crew.

There was one explicit mention of OER in the titles. Pity I can get access to the content of talks yet (thanks to how I was registered and the closed way the organisers treat the proceedings – online now but only for those registered)

Time to get the presentation finished.