Next week I’m off to Melbourne to Moodlemoot’AU 2015. This post will hold the details and resources associated with this talk which is talking about how the Moodle book module might be enhanced, including by making it more open. It’s the first public talk about the USQ funded Moodle book project.

There’s a Moodle site associated with the Moot presentation.



Since 2012 the course EDC3100, ICT and Pedagogy at the University of Southern Queensland has been taken by over 1500 pre-service teachers learning how they can use digital technologies to enhance their own teaching. In that time, the course has evolved from a fairly traditional “textbook, lecture, and 2 tutes” type of online course into an online course reliant on Open Educational Resources (OERs) and individual student blogs. Core to that evolution has been the Moodle book module. Each week’s “learning path” consists of a range of activities and resources with the Book module providing the scaffolding. In the most recent offering, the course included at least 73 Moodle books with 670 chapters. The success of this approach is evident in student evaluations of the course, with comments such as

Learning paths were great. They were informative and interactive

The most helpful aspect of this course was learning paths.
It was clear what to do and how to do it.

This experience has shown that the Book module can be an integral part of an effective course design. However, it has also revealed a number of areas where the Book module could be usefully enhanced.The aim of this session will be to start an on-going conversation about what enhancements could be made to the Moodle book module and how those might be best made.

As a spark for that conversation the session will outline a range of possible enhancements derived from the experience in EDC3100; discussion with other users of the Book module; and, an analysis of discussions on the Moodle tracker and forums. In particular, the session will outline possible enhancements to the Book module that would provide the option for content managed by the Book module to be transformed into Open Educational Resources (OERs).


Much of this work is being done as part of the Moodle “open” book project funded by a grant from USQ’s Open Textbook Initiative. The project aims to enable Moodle books to be leveraged as OERs and implement more general enhancements to the module. The aim is to ensure that any and all work done is contributed back to the Moodle community.

Initial pre- and post- session discussions will take place in a site associated with the Moot before migrating to a more appropriate location.

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