Adding more student information to a Moodle course

moreStudentDetails.user.js is a Greasemonkey script I’ve written to provide more details about a student when I’m using Moodle. Originally intended to help when responding to a student query in a course I teach that regularly has 300+ pre-service teachers from a range of backgrounds and locations. The current version produces something like the following image (click on it to see […]

Established versus Affordances: part of the reason institutional e-learning is like teenage sex

The following is an attempt to expand and connect some thoughts from a soon to be presented ASCILITE’2014 paper titled Breaking BAD to bridge the the reality/rhetoric chasm” (this link will eventually have a range of additional resources). The expand part of this post is me trying to experiment with some approaches of explaining what we’re trying to get at. […]

Some more tweaks to gradebook

This is a development log of a few additions to the recent fixes to the Peoplesoft gradebook. The following documents attempts to implement the following Highlight students in the supp range DONE Students with a mark between 44.5 and 49.5 need the grade to be set to IM and a note inserted. PE overrides DONE Courses with a professional experience […]