Assembling the heterogeneous elements for (digital) learning

Searching for a phrase and some research

This is a plea for help. I’m certain I remember a particular phrase/concept that arose from some research around educational technology from 10+ years ago (may have been as long as 30 years ago).

It was a phrase/concept that was used to look critically at the tendency for education to create special education versions of real software. i.e. rather than use a standard bit of software – e.g. Word (*shudder*) – they would have to use a word processor made specially for education (K12 mostly I believe).

Does this ring any bells for you? Can you point me in a useful direction?



You want digitally fluent faculty?


Breaking BAD to bridge the reality/rhetoric chasm


  1. Following, since what you describe is exactly the issue in games and games-based learning, education creating special education versions of real games. Sigh…

    • I’m hearing it now about – we need to create a PLE system for people. Which I suppose is the next extension of the e-portfolio thing. It’s frustrating because I’m sure I read a good paper or two from back in the day….looks like I might have to go searching.

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