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Signing up for Connected Courses

So once again I venture into the realm of a “MOOC”. Will be interesting to see if the organisers of Connected Courses shudder a little bit when that particular label is used. Especially given that Connected Courses is being described as

Connected Courses is a collaborative community of faculty in higher education developing networked, open courses that embody the principles of connected learning and the values of the open web.

With a mission of

Our goal is to build an inclusive and expansive network of teachers, students, and educational offerings that makes high quality, meaningful, and socially connected learning available to everyone.

It does have a Syllabus so there are some artefacts of a “course”. That said there are some very interesting people behind it, so should be lots to learn and fun to be had. If I get the chance to engage fully.

The main reason for this fairly rambling post is to ensure that I have at least one post in the “connectedcourses” category on this blog. I’m trying to connect my blog to the course and the advice is

Please make sure this URL works and links to the place to the place that shows your tagged/categorized blog posts. If you have not written any, do not proceed. The wheels may fall off your bus (just kidding)– there needs to be at least ONE post visible at this address when when you enter it in a web browser

Seems the aggregator they are using has the same problem with empty feeds as BIM. I have to give the same advice to folk in my courses. I wonder if the need is as slightly annoying to them as it is to me. There’s also the problem with finding the feeds for categories/tags, rather than the whole site. Slightly reaffirming that these folk are having the same problems, but also a challenge to see if I can modify BIM to address these issues.

I had hoped to have relocated this blog to my shiny new domain by now, but time hasn’t been in abundance recently. Likely to be a recurring theme over coming months.


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  1. Shiny new domains… that would be a good band name!
    I think we are all struggling with time to do all that we want to do, so I figure, just dip in when one can and take away what makes sense, and add to the discussions when it works.

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