Documenting the gap between "start of art" and "state of the actual"

Came across Perrotta et al (2013) in my morning random ramblings through my PLN and was particular struck by this a rising awareness of a gap between ‘state of art’ experimental studies on learning and technology and the ‘state of the actual’ (Selwyn, 2011), that is, the messy realities of schooling where compromise, pragmatism and politics take centre stage, and […]

Comparing Automatically Detected Reflective Texts with Human Judgements

The following is a summary and some thoughts on the following paper Ullmann, T. D., Wild, F., & Scott, P. (2012). Comparing Automatically Detected Reflective Texts with Human Judgements. 2nd Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning. 7th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (pp. 101–116). Saarbruecken, Germany. My interest in this paper is as an addition to BIM to […]

The kludge for marking learning journals

The following is a description of the kludge I put in place to mark the learning journals – see here for a description of initial thinking behind the journal – folk in the EDC3100 course this semester had to complete. It’s meant to record what I did, provide some food for further development and offer an opportunity for some initial […]

Learning analytics, intervention and helping teachers

It seems to be the day for a backlash against learning analytics or its parent big data. This morning my PLN has filtered to the top Taleb’s “Beware the big errors of ‘big data’” and Why big data is not truth. Not that surprising to me given that I’ve argued that learning analytics in Universities has all hallmarks of yet […]

Animation over time of links between student posts

After seeing a previous post sharing some of his visualisations of the links between blog posts of EDC3100 students, Nick provided some video showing how the links were made over time. When I have some time it will be interesting to explore how events within the course (e.g. feedback on assignment 1 etc) impacted the connections between students. Also interesting […]