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My god, is it done?

After more years than I care to count, almost as many structures, and many, many more plans and timetables, the thesis is just about done. I have just finished stuffing around with Word and have produced a single PDF that will almost certainly be the version that is submitted.

All that is left is to figure out how to submit from a distance and sit back and wait for the judgement of the examiners.

Not entirely certain what to make of this milestone, it just seems to be yet another step in the on-going denouement of the thesis and all its intricacies. There is a sense of palpable relief in having reached this stage. There remains, however, an on-going niggle of uncertainty about whether or not Word (or my own carelessness) has inserted some enormous blunder in the middle of the thesis. There’s the small bit of fear that one of the examiners will turn out to be a mongrel. But mostly there is relief and a need to go have a good lie down.

There is also some recognition that I should knuckle down and publish from the thesis and its contents. There are at least two good journal articles waiting to be written. Two good journal articles that are likely going to have to continue waiting. Mostly because there is also significant anticipation arising from all the (non-academic) activities that now become possible as the Sword of Damocles that was the PhD has been removed.

First step, a couple of days with the better half in Melbourne next week. With the sole intent of eating, drinking and being merry.


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  1. 432 pages? wow.

    Was the creative commons addition a requirement of ANU, or was that something you have personally agreed to?

    • Amazing what double-spacing can do. Not to mention 38 pages of references.

      The CC licence was my idea. ANU are trying to promote open access but the policy is vague/non-specific around copyright. So, I’ll stick it in and see how it goes.

  2. kwilco

    Congratulations David on your submission! And yes, you should publish!!!!

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