Am attempting to keep this weekly update thing going within the new context. Not much to report this week as I was out of town for three days, baby sitting and recovering for another, and thinking about jobs and family-based travel on the other.

Am going to try a more evolutionary, to do list oriented approach to this post as well. i.e. the finer grain tasks I need to complete will be added and hopefully checked off here during the week.

What I did last week

Two fairly small bits of work done this week:

  • Completed a draft of the “lessons learned” section of chapter 5.
    This is still fairly early and will be revised, but wanted to get something down on paper, so to speak.
  • Received and started processing some feedback from my esteemed supervisor.

This left at least 3 of the tasks I set myself, undone.

What I need to do next week

A growing list of tasks to do:

  • Read comments on chapter 6, modify what I’ve done, send it off to supervisor.
    • Main point is to have a good overview of findings, i.e. summarise the Ps Framework, New view on ISDT and the ISDT for e-learning.
    • Look at including the Gregor and Jones table for theory summary.
    • Implications for IS/Design researchers needs to mention contribution of Gregor and Jones
    • See what insights Eisenhardt (1989) can add.
    • Look into van Aken’s “extracting” and “developing” case study concepts and see how it can be worked into this chapter and also perhaps chapter 3
    • The conclusions section needs to be more of a “declaration of victory”.
  • Read comments on chapter 4, especially on the ISDT
    • Think about how chapter 4 ISDT may change in response;
      • Table 4.3 – the principles read more like requirements. This opens up the question of what form should a principle take? Perhaps Bunge/van Aken’s technological rules?
        van Aken (2004) “If you want to achieve Y in situation Z, then something like action X will help”
      • Is section 4.3 about high-level guiding requirements and Section 4.4 more about design principles? YES
      • Need to think about the names of the principles/guidelines, especially the important/innovative ones.
      • Add the Gregor and Jones “theory table” as a summary/overview
    • Start thinking about form of ISDT for chapter 5.
    • Make more general changes to chapter 4 and the rest of the thesis
      • Rework the Chapter 4 introduction, and perhaps other parts of the chapter, to better orient the reader to the purpose and the structure of the chapter.
      • Look at how much of the design work in the thesis was done prior to commencing the thesis and how this is outlined within the thesis, with some connection to the extractive case study conceptNO.
  • Complete evaluation section of chapter 5.
    • What can be evidenced about the trend in feature and broader user adoption about Webfuse systems post 2004/2005.
  • Revisit chapter 1 and get to final draft, start sending around.