And now for something completely different, leaving the dinosaurs of academic development within universities behind, it’s time to move on to some real dinosaurs, or at least their fossilised remains. In a few weeks, the two boys and I are off out west. In particular, we’re off to “ride” the Dinosaur trail of Western Queensland. Both boys are going through the dinosaur phase, with the 5 year old certain he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up.

This and any following posts are really intended to outline some planning for the trip and gather feedback from my family, but feel free to add insight if you have any.

The basic route

The plan is something like:

  • Rockhampton to Longreach – 696 Km;
  • Longreach to Winton – 180Km;
  • Winton to Richmond – 233Km;
  • Richmond to Hughenden; – 120Km and
  • Hughenden to Proserpine – 600Km.
  • Proserpine to home – 495Km

Potential Attractions

Now to try and gather what there is to do at the three main Dinosaur destinations: Winton, Richmond and Hughenden.


  • Australian Age of Dinosaurs
    10 minutes the Longreach side of Winton. Working Museum, looks good for at least a couple of hours.
  • The Lark Quarry Trackways
    100+Km south-west. Umm, quit a long way. Maybe a tour, the ADT brochure suggests you can do both these in a day.


  • Kronosaurus Korner
    This is the one that has the boys most excited. Comes associated with a space to dig for their own fossils.


This might be just a brief drive by.