Doing some reading and came across the following quote which I had to store for further use. It is quote in Chua (1986) and is ascribed to Berlin (1962, p 19)

The history of thought and culture is, as Hegel showed with great brilliance, a changing pattern of great liberating ideas which inevitably turn into suffocating straightjackets, and so stimulate their own destruction by new emancipatory, and at the same time, enslaving conceptions. The first step to understanding of men is the bringing to consciousness of the model or models that dominate and penetrate their thought and action. Like all attempts to make men aware of the categories in which they think, it is a difficult and sometimes painful activity, likely to produce deeply disquieting results. The second task is to analyse the model itself, and this commits the analyst to accepting or modifying or rejecting it and in the last case, to providing a more adequate one in its stead.

Chua (1986) uses it as a intro to alternate views of research perspectives. But it applies to so much.

For me the most obvious application, the one I’m dealing with day to day, is the practice of e-learning within universities. Post-thesis I think I need to figure out how to effectively engage more in this two stage process. I think the Ps Framework provides one small part of a tool to help this process, need to figure out what needs to be wrapped around it to encourage both steps to happen.


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Chua, W. F. (1986). “Radical developments in accounting thought.” The Accounting Review 61(4): 601-632.