It is with a significant sense of relief that I announce the release of version 1.0 alpha of BIM. You can see the code and what passes for documentation on this page. The main BIM page gives more background on the rationale and design of BIM.

BIM is meant to be used in action by 5 courses at CQUniversity in the term starting next week. Before that happens, it is being given the once over by the folk at Netspot. Shall be interesting to see what they find, BIM is my first real taste of Moodle development and it probably shows.

I’m hoping that BIM 1.0alpha will become BIM 1.0 before the week is out.

What next

The rest of this week I’ll be producing various resources to help the students and staff of the 5 courses using BIM. These will be freely available.

At some stage in the next week, I’m hoping to start the process of contributing the BIM code to the broader Moodle community.

After than, I hope to get into some reflection on the process and get a paper ready for submission to MoodleMoot AU 2010.

At some stage, the various ideas that have not made it into v1.0 will have to thought through.

More immediately, it’s time for some rest and relaxation.