BIM is essentially complete and about to go into user testing, however, initial testing suggests that an ability for staff to change the blog students have registered would be a significant benefit during the first couple of weeks. This post describes the design and implementation of this feature.


The aim is to allow all teaching staff should be able to modify the blog that has been registered for any of their students.

  • Add to the student details screen, for each registered student, a link “change blog” in the “live blog” – actually change it to “Current blog | Change blog”
  • The change blog is a link to a new form, essentially the same as the student register, just ask for a URL.
  • When submitted, pass it through the same checks as the student does when registering — Will need to abstract this code out into a function to use in both places.

Update the student details screen

Add the change/current blog stuff. Easy, done.

Need to identify the URL for the form….&screen=ChangeBlogRegistration

Display the form

Need to call the function to show the form for both:

  • Marker
  • Coordinator

Show the details of the student and the current blog, show a form.

All done

All done and working. Need to update some of the bread crumbs for navigation, but that is part of another task.