Progressing the student interface for bim2

The last post ended up with the basics of the student controller and views functioning to produce some simple output. The aim here is to get the entire student interface up and actually reading data from the database. It won’t be completely finished. There will be some additional extra features to add. The aim here is to iron our the […]

BIM as a WordPress plugin?

I’m currently programming up bim2, a new version of BIM to work with Moodle 2.0. I’m wondering whether a version of BIM for WordPress might be an idea. A while ago Leigh Blackall wondered why BIM had to be inside an LMS. There were some reasons at the time. However, most no longer apply and I’m increasingly interested in moving […]

The student controller for bim2 – models and view

bim2 now has a working controller structure, but it doesn’t do anything. This post summarises initial attempts to implement the student controller so that it actually implements the state machine for the student interactions. It’s also the first attempt to implement some models and views with the MVC structure for bim2. This is liable to raise a range of questions […]

Putting the MVC structure for bim2 in place

So, bim2 is up and going, at least in terms of being able to create an instance of the activity within a course. The trouble is that it can’t do anything. This post starts the process of implementing the design of the user interactions with bim2. The intent is to go with a Model-View-Controller type structure in the hope that […]

A Theory-Driven Design Framework for Social Recommender Systems

I’m becoming increasingly interested in how the design of e-learning systems can be improved through insights from behaviour change literature and related work (e.g. I think game design principles have some connections with behaviour change. A while ago I started some thinking about this. The following is a summary of/reflection on Ofer Arazy, Nanda Kumar, Bracha Shapira (2010), A theory-driven […]

Problems with naming of bim2

The last post covered the initial steps in starting bim2. Including the choice of the name bim2. But there is a problem. The problem It’s starting to look like the choice of bim2 as a name might not have been great. It appears Moodle may not like a digit in the name of a module. Confirmed When creating a new […]

First coding steps for bim2

The following records some of the initial steps in actually coding bim2. It includes A new name?; The new github repo for bim2; Resources for Moodle 2 module development; and Initial coding steps for bim2. A new name? bim2 is going to be very different from version 1 of bim. Beyond working for a different version of Moodle, I’m hoping […]

A new theme for Moodle 2

This might seem like a bit of procrastination preventing progress on BIM 2.0, but it’s part of the whole Moodle 2 familiarisation process and also checking out the work of a friend. What follows is an attempt to install the universite theme for Moodle 2 onto a local instance. Zip files and mac GUI users So, am unpacking the theme […]

More testing for Moodle and BIM versions 2.0

Continuing on with playing with Moodle 2.0 and in particular its external blog syncing and integration of SimplePie. The aim here is to test the problem with special characters in feeds and what it does to PostgreSQL databases. The problem This is the biggest problem I’ve had with BIM and only really appears to be a problem with folk using […]

Schools, systems and change done to me

If you read, listen or watch to a certain sub-section of the media around schools and the education system more broadly it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that schools are broken and need to be changed. A couple of recent posts from the feeds I track have got me thinking. George Siemens recently described his belief that it […]

Charity begins at home, doesn't it?

In the first few years of teaching information technology at university I met a number of mature age students who were returning to study to get degrees. These were amongst the most enjoyable students to teach, not to mention simply being the best students. One of those students struggled with aspects of the technology, but stuck at it and did […]

8 stupidest management fads of all time

Increasingly I think most of management is driven by fads. Even if the “fad” has some good underlying principles, or is perhaps simply a bit better than previous options. It is still implemented by management as a fad. As if we only implement this successfully, we will have the silver bullet that solves all our problems. Within higher education I […]

Changing times and connectivism

This is a simple holding place for some ideas and quotes from George Siemens’ recent Connectivism: Changing times talk. Fundamental task of education Translating this into high school teaching within formal settings raises some interesting questions …the fundamental task of education is to enculturate youth into this knowledge-creating civilization and to help them find a place in it….traditional educational practices […]