Assembling the heterogeneous elements for digital learning

Phd Update #23 – Getting closer to the end of chapter 2

I’m taking the weekend, including Friday, off from the PhD – so an early update. It’s been a good week. If only a short one in that I’ll miss Friday.

What I’ve done

In the last update I was aiming to:

  • complete product; and
    This was done: section on alternate models for procurement and product and also the lessons section completed. The procurement section might need some minor tweaking, but basically there. The lessons section draws on much of the work set up in the other sections to argue for the limitations in the LMS model.
  • hopefully complete pedagogy.
    I’ve come up with a structure with three sections: the centrality of the pedagogue and what they believe; learning theories, research and advice for pedagogues; and, lessons from pedagogy for e-learning. I’ve just about completed the first section, have the main ideas for the lessons section and much of the content for the second.

What I’ll do next week

The aim will be to complete the pedagogy section, put a rough draft of chapter 2 together (i.e. write the conclusion) and make a start on chapter 5.

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