Last week’s update reported on a bit of a brick wall that had been struck. Thankfully, the strategies outlined in that update and feedback from the esteemed supervisor has well and truly destroyed said brick wall and progress is steaming ahead with a renewed sense of vigour and perhaps just the vaguest glimmers of light at the end of a long, long tunnel.

What I’ve done

Last week, I said I would

  • Bundle up chapter 2, send it to the supervisor and await some independent feedback. DONE
    This one was already done when I completed the last update. Since then I’ve received feedback from the supervisor, positive feedback and also some good directions on where to go next.
  • Aim to complete a first draft of chapter 4.
    This hasn’t been completed. However, progress has been made. I’ve just posted a first draft of the introduction and section 4.2.1. Status on other parts of this chapter are:
    • Section 4.2.2 (last bit of 4.2) is essentially done. Some minor additional references to add in.
    • Section 4.3 (a description of the design and rationale of Webfuse) is almost all done. About 16 pages so far, including a few graphics.
    • Section 4.4 (evaluation of Webfuse: 1996 to 1999) some initial thoughts and stats, but needs some work. However, shouldn’t be too large.
    • Section 4.5 (essentially the abstraction into an ISDT) a vague collection of quotes of previous papers all in the Walls et al format for an ISDT. Need to be updated and put into the Gregor and Jones format.
  • Complete first draft of chapter 6. – obviously not done.

What I’ll do next week

The main aim is to get a complete first draft of chapter 4 completed and sent off to the esteemed supervisor.

At this stage, I’ll revisit feedback on chapter 2 and set out again to get the last remaining 3.5 components of the Ps Framework complete.