It’s been a fortnight since the last PhD update due to last weekend’s personal, celebratory trip to Adelaide. The time away was useful and has resulted in an insight that’s going to change focus for a bit.

What I’ve done

In the last update I said I would

  • Make as much progress as possible on the People component.

Consequently, I completed two more sections of the people component

It was at this stage that the insight struck.

The insight

You know you’ve lost your way with a thesis when the literature review, bit more than half completed, weighs in at 151 pages (40 of which are references). The last month or so I’ve been feeling somewhat disconnected from the work on the Ps Framework and questioning the value of the material and the depth to which I was sinking. Consequently, on Friday, I decided to stick all the separate sections into a single Word document – 151 pages. That’s with about 4.5 of the 7 components of the Ps Framework complete in a rough draft form. Just a bit too big.

The new plan – what I’ll do next week

As a result of the insight, I’ve decided to:

  • Bundle up chapter 2, send it to the supervisor and await some independent feedback. DONE
    At this stage, I’m wondering if I need to gut most of the content and focus on the “lessons” sections from each Ps component. We’ll see.
  • Aim to complete a first draft of chapter 4.
    This is the first of the two chapters reporting on one of the iterations of the design theory formulation. The intent is to get feedback on this.
  • Complete first draft of chapter 6.
    I doubt I’ll get to this, this week. But after chapter 4, in the absence of other feedback, it will be time to get onto the final chapter.