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PhD Update #16 – return from a break

As mentioned a fortnight ago I’ve had much of the last two weeks doing non-PhD stuff including a road trip to Longreach. So this update is somewhat light on.

What I’ve done

Last update I said I would by now have:

  • Made some progress on the People component of the Ps Framework.

To some extent that’s been done. I have a structure and I have completed a draft of the first major section on Students. That draft includes an overview of what I think the structure for the People component will be.

I’ve spent today wondering the literature gathering perspectives on some of the other sections. I have sufficient information on this stuff, I need to write it up. That’s next week’s job.

What I’ll do next week

There’s a trend developing here with weekends. Next weekend I’ll be off celebrating a couple of anniversary related events in Adelaide. This means Friday through Tuesday will be lost to the PhD.

In this case, I aim to have another update on the Thursday before I leave. The main aim from now until then will be to:

  • Make as much progress as possible on the People component.

I’m hoping to have at least 2 or 3 days writing.

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