Some progress made this week, but it comes as a prelude to a week in which not much, if anything will be done. This week, after a couple of days at work, the family and I are off to visit Longreach, my sister and her family. We won’t get back until after my normal “updates” day. So, I’ll miss the updates for next week.

What I’ve done

Last week I said that I would

  • Complete the process component. – DONE
  • Make significant progress on the People component. – not even started.

I’ve just posted the last section of the Process component (Lessons from process) and completed the other section earlier in the week (Learning and teaching processes).

What I’ll do next week

As suggested above, it’s likely to be bugger all. However, any work I do attempt will be focused on:

  • Making some progress on the People component of the Ps Framework.

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