I’ve noticed over the last few weeks an increasing number of my colleagues, friends and relatives asking questions like “How long until you finish?”

My response has generally been “how long is a ball of string”. After all, writing the thesis is a creative, knowledge intensive activity. Not one conducive to rational acts of planning and timetabling. Anyone who knows me should know how much I hate teleological design and prefer ateleological design (for more detail feel free to read other sections of the thesis completed recently on teleological processes and ateleological processes) – see some progress is being made.

In addition, you folk really should get a grip on the etiquette associated with thesis writing and PhD study in general. The following comic from Piled Higher and Deeper summarises it nicely.

PhD Etiquette

My second most common response to these rude, inconsiderate and ill-informed folk is “It’s all on the blog!”. If you really want to know how the PhD is going, please feel free to check out:

  • my PhD to do list;
    Newly updated today. This should give you an idea of how much stuff I think I have to do. Note: there is no connection with this volume and actual time.
  • my sequence of PhD updates; and
    Up to 14 (weekly) updates and counting.
  • the on-going list of posts based on thesis content.
    Most Many Some of the posts to my blog are filled with content straight from the thesis.

This should provide more than you ever need to know about “how the thesis is going?”.

So don’t ask!

4 thoughts on “To all my friends and colleagues out there – PhD etiquette

  1. I am one of the culprits… you know why because I wanted a measure/reassurance for my own progress or lack thereof πŸ™‚ Don’t take it to heart!

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