Number 12 of the weekly PhD updates and the first one that is late – this was meant to be done yesterday afternoon. Better late than never. This has been a fairly positive week, some progress made and more importantly I may have learned a small lessons (and put it into practice) about the size and amount of stuff I’m trying to put into these sections of Chapter 2.

I may not get a chance to apply this lessons a great deal in the coming week. Most of it will be spent on a holiday.

What I did

Last week I said the aim would be to

  • Have completed and posted the section on “Place”. – DONE
    The last section was put up fairly early in the week. I’m not all that happy with this section. But it might be close to “good enough”.
  • Be close to doing the same thing for “Purpose”. – DONE
    This was the major task this week that resulted in this post. It’s much shorter than the other sections. To some extent this is due to the nature of the component, but mostly my aim not to write another paper for each section.
  • Perhaps make some headway for another component of the Ps Framework – perhaps either People or Pedagogy. – started
    I ended up starting work on the Process component of the Ps Framework. It flowed nicely from Purpose (connection with plan/purpose driven design processes). I’ve written papers on the question of process, so I have 80+ pages of thoughts and quotes that I’m re-organising into a section. A start has been made.

There have been a few blog posts, somewhat related to the thesis but not worth recounting here.

What I’ll do next week

With most of next week consumed in a holiday, I don’t expect to make a great deal of progress. The aim will be to

  • Complete the process component, or as much as I can.