It’s that time of week again, time to report on the progress of the PhD. This week has been one of those weeks where progress has not been as much as desired, but perhaps isn’t quite as bad. As often happens, last week’s optimistic claims of “speeding up” spluttered out a bit.

There has been some news on the work front which may remove some of the more troubling aspects of the last 6 months or so. So this may help speed things up. At the very least, it removes yet another excuse.

What I’ve done

Last week I said I would, by now, have

  • Post Lessons from Past Experience DONE
    This was almost finished last week. Got it posted on Saturday and have made a few minor changes since.
  • Nutted out a structure for “Place”. DONE
    The structure is
    • Society – broader nature and changes in society that are relevant to e-learning.
    • Sector – factors inherent to and impacts from society factors on the higher education sector that are relevant to e-learning.
    • Institutional – factors arising from individual organisations that impact e-learning.
    • Lessons from “Place”.
      Standard closing section for each of the components of the Ps Framework.
  • Posted a first draft for “Place”.
    This hasn’t been done. I’ve just about got the structure for each of the sections with the “Place” structure and have most of the content I want. I’m currently trying to get this into reasonable prose and reduce the size of it. At its largest this section was 50+ pages of quotes and references. It’s currently sitting at 25 pages and should get below 10.
  • Try and have the same done for “Purpose”
    This really didn’t happen. However, I did do some work on tidying up and structuring “Purpose”. “Tidying up” is something I feel can be done late at night when I’m tired, not something I can say for writing.

In terms of PhD related blog posts, only two, and that’s a bit of stretch.

  • Integration with professional lives of academics
    This arose out of a reference I collected and read as part of working on the “Place” component. It connected a few dots in my thinking about e-learning in general and some of the reasons why I believe Webfuse and its approach may have been more successful. It’s a question of how integrated the academic perceives the e-learning system to be to their everyday professional and personal life. Webfuse worked, to the extent it did, because it integrated with a lot of the administrative tasks as well as learning. LMSs work less well because, by their very nature they are limited to how well they can integrate with other aspects of an academics life.
  • The first BAM paper
    I spent at least a day this week updating a paper that tells the initial story of BAM. It’s linked to PhD because BAM is an extension of one of the ideals (i.e. the university doesn’t seek to supply all the software, but to integrate existing software) of Webfuse into the Web 2.0 arena.

What I’ll do next week

For next week, the aim is to

  • Have completed and posted the section on “Place”.
  • Be close to doing the same thing for “Purpose”.
  • Perhaps make some headway for another component of the Ps Framework – perhaps either People or Pedagogy.

At least one or two days next week will be spent pondering the new job and there’s another of those pesky public holidays. So the expectations are probably going to exceed reality.