The week since my last PhD update has been a good one. The most productive (in terms of completed first drafts of thesis sections) since I started this series of updates. I feel I’m getting into a routine and slowly developing pragmatic ideas and techniques for producing a thesis that is “good enough”. In reality, I’m probably still to far up the scale towards “too good”, but I’m getting there. It’s a journey.

What I’ve done

I almost completed all of what I predicted I would complete. I said I wanted to have posted to this blog material on:

  • paradigms of e-learning. DONE!
  • Usage of e-learning: quantity and quality (which has had a couple of comments – including a typo fix). DONE!
  • Lessons from past experience
    This one is just about complete, a couple of paragraphs to go. I got sidetracked by this. I aim to post this section tonight, or at the latest tomorrow night.

In addition to the above, I’ve authored the following blog posts that are somewhat related:

What I’ll do for next

Essentially, I have finised the “Past Experience” component of the Ps Framework. Time to pick another component. So, “Place” it is and probably “Purpose” after that. The aim is that by the end of next week I will have:

  • Nutted out a structure for “Place”.
  • Posted a first draft for “Place”.

I’m also going to try and aim for having similar completed for “Purpose”. It’s time to speed this process up quite a lot. Not sure I can do it, but the intent needs to be there. Two components of the Ps Framework is still probably too slow. We’ll see next week.