This update is being posted a day early due to the author being incapacitated over the next couple of days. This marks the start of a couple of shared weeks in terms of PhD effort/time. Not only does next week bring Easter, it also brings 2 days of introductory Moodle training (having designed, developed and supported LMSes for the last 13 years, I’m not sure how useful – regardless of quality – two days of basic Moodle training will be).

Having less time on the PhD is a bad thing. But at least this week I’m reasonably happy with the progress, given the current context.

What I’ve done

Last week I said I would try to

  • Clean up the literature I’ve gathered.
    This involves skimming the papers, identifying anything interesting, incorporating the interesting into the PhD and throwing the rest out. I’ve done some of that, but I’ve also added more literature to clean up – though I am getting more efficient at getting through it. Also, as explained below, there was some positives out of this process.
  • Complete a couple of sections of the Ps Framework for Chapter 2.
    All I’ve done is get near completing a small section of “Past Experience” and add a lot more insights to other sections including “Place”, “Purpose”, “People” and “Process”. While not happy with the finished product, I’m making progress.

In terms of PhD related blog posts, I’ve produced:

In summary, it hasn’t in terms of final output, been a very productive week. Last week in comparison was probably more productive. However, I feel better about what I’ve done this week, probably because of the positive external feedback. It is also because I feel the progress on the past experience is probably of a higher quality/more analytical than earlier work.

What I’ll have done for next week

Even though it is a much shorter week, I’m going to set myself some specific goals, one blog post

  • Based on the content of the “History of technology-mediated learning” section from the “Past Experience” component of the Ps Framework – get some airing for the ideas.
  • Containing the content of the “History of e-learning” section.
  • From the quantitative use of industrial e-learning

Each of the above blog posts are intended to contain draft content of the thesis. Exactly like this earlier post introducing the Ps Framework.

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