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PhD Update #5 – a new low

Well this week has been the worst yet in terms of progress on the PhD, at least with the last 5 weeks of updates. Most of it has been work related. Issues and events that have taken away the time, motivation and peace of mind necessary to effectively engage with PhD work.

On the upside, today’s been pretty effective, perhaps the best for the weeks. Hopefully this trend can continue.

What I’ve done

Last week I wanted to try and

  • Complete at least 2 sections of the Ps Framework for Chapter 2 – probably “Past Experience” and “People”. If I’m motiviated, perhaps add “Product”.
    At best I’ve made some small movement on “Past Experience” and a fairly big step with part of “Product”.
  • Cleaned up a lot of the literature I’ve found in the last week.
    Have only done a modicum of this.

In terms of PhD related blog posts, this week has produced:

  • one ring to rule them all;
    Fairly good start on one section of the “Product” part of chapter 2, some good references and points starting to be developed. (at least I’m happy with them).
  • Myth of rationality;
    Some good components of what will go into the “Process” part of the Ps Framework. Including some literature to suggest that the supposedly rational process is far from it.
  • Poor crafstman;
    More related to “Past experience” and “People” to do with the technology not improving L&T.
  • Making the LMS mythic;
    More criticisms of the LMS approach to e-learning, drawing on some literature and Postman’s ideas about 5 things to know about technological change.
  • Postman’s 5 things about technology change; and
    Came across a speech by Postman in which he outlines 5 things to know about technology change. Definite resonances/application in the Ps Framework.
  • Cognition – we’re not rational.
    Early steps, sparked by another post, on developing some ideas for the “People” component of the Ps Framework.

What to do next week?

Essentially finish what I said I would do last week and do more of the Ps Framework. Don’t let current events get me down.


"One ring to rule them all": Limitations and implications of the LMS/VLE product model


Prescription, adaptation and failure around improving univeristy teaching

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  1. actionacademic

    Keep up the Phd work, there can’t be nuch to do at Struck Oil on a slow Friday afternoon.
    Google alert is very good at finding things to do with CQU.

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