This week is turning out to be perhaps the most frustrating, not due to lack of program, but instead due to connections between what I’m reading/writing and what I’m seeing in my local context. As per last week’s update the aim this week was to complete sections of chapter 2 related to the Ps Framework. The first section I targeted was “Past Experience” and this has been the source of the frustration.

The more I read, synthesize and write about the history of learning and teaching in universities, especially e-learning, the more I get frustrated. Mainly due to seeing the same mistakes being made again and again. Especially locally.

The frustration means I’ve bitten the bullet and am writing this update a bit earlier than normal.

What I’ve done this week

Here’s a summary of what I said I’d do last week and what has actually happened:

  • Complete as many sections of the Ps Framework (chapter 2) as possible and have most put onto the blog.
    I posted a first draft of the “introduction to the Ps framework” section. I’ve made some significant progress in structuring most of the 7 sections associated with components of the Ps Framework. Most progress has been made on the “Past Experience” section.
  • Need to complete reading the theory building paper and provide feedback.
    I’ve done nothing on this one. Sorry Shirley.
  • Need to tidy up a bit of the other outstanding literature I have gathered.
    This has been the other task I’ve done this week. Trouble is that there has been a minimum of tidying and a maximum of finding more literature that needs tidying up. That said, the new literature is good stuff and will help – but it’s still frustrating (and always will be) to find new insights that help inform what you’re doing.

In terms of PhD related blog posts, I’ve done the following this week

  • First draft of the “introduction to the Ps framework” section.
  • A post railing against the “technology will change teaching” matra that I’m seeing all the time these days, even though past experience suggests it’s no where near that simple.
  • A post drawing on some insights from Alavi and Leidner (2001) about organisational implementation of e-learning.
  • A first post to take a couple of lessons from history and apply it to LMS implementation.
  • A summary of a paper that applies some insights from information systems to e-learning implementation.

What’s the aim for next week?

I’m hoping by this time next week that I’ll have:

  • Completed at least 2 sections of the Ps Framework for Chapter 2 – probably “Past Experience” and “People”. If I’m motiviated, perhaps add “Product”.
  • Cleaned up a lot of the literature I’ve found in the last week.

Of course, next week is shaping up to be a particular frustrating week from other perspectives, so it will be interesting to see if any of the above gets done.