A new record. A renewed interest in the PhD has lasted 3 weeks. I’ve even made a come back from the weak second album problem and probably had the most fulfilling week. Though I could have been more productive, perhaps that’s an aim for next week.

This week I did cross a lot of things off the PhD to do list, but I also added a fair few.

7 March to 13 March

All that said, I claimed that I would be aim to complete the following this week:

  • Complete first draft of at least 1 Ps component section for chapter 2 – lets start with “Past Experience” – Not done, not even started.
  • Complete reading and give feedback on Shirley’s DESRIST paper.
  • Finalise a structure with rough content for chapter 3. Done and sent to the supervisor for feedback.

The other main work on the thesis this week included:

  • Gathering and a bit of reading of additional literature for both chapters 2 and 3.
  • A few blog posts on the PhD or ideas arising from it.
    Last week’s output include
    • The biggest flaw in university L&T/e-learning – is connected to thinking associated with chapter 2 and the Ps Framework. In particular, a big problem any approach to e-learning within a university has to address.
    • How to improve L&T and e-learning at universities – provides one perspective on the “solutions” that have arisen from the thesis work to the problem outlined in the previous post.
    • Moving from scarcity to abundance changes things – music – draws on a very recent example to illustrate how a scarce resource becoming overly abundant changes many of the fundamental assumptions of prior practice. A key part of my thesis work is a suggestion that e-learning and information systems are having to face this paradigm change with the raise of the internet, social media and many more. The assumption of scarcity is one of the major flaws of many current approaches to e-learning and organisational information systems.

There is a double-edged sword with the blog posts. They take time away from writing on the PhD, however, they also help deal with the need for a quick sense of completion and also encourage me to get ideas down into writing. Writing that I should be able to re-use in the thesis…theoretically. I need to keep an eye on this.

Next week

For the next week I’d like to:

  • Complete as many sections of the Ps Framework (chapter 2) as possible and have most put onto the blog.
  • Need to complete reading the theory building paper and provide feedback.
  • Need to tidy up a bit of the other outstanding literature I have gathered..