Growing up in Rockhampton in the 70s and 80s, access to music that wasn’t pop or C&W just didn’t happen. Different types of music were scarce. In these days of iTunes, peer-to-peer etc. it has radically changed. There is an abundance.

The impact of this change is difficult to underestimate, and difficult to illustrate. This YouTube video and what it embodies does a really good job.

This post has more about it. This is the core of it for my point

Israeli musician Kutiman has taken hundreds of YouTube samples – often non-musical ones – and turned them into an album that’s awesome on so many levels that it leaves you stunned. First of all, the music is good; really good, especially if you’re a fan of Ninja Tune’s catalog. Secondly, it’s amazing to see all those unrelated YouTube bits and pieces fit together so perfectly

The question is…

The same migration from scarcity to abundance is happening in learning and teaching and e-learning at universities. How is the practice of those tasks going to change?