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The weak second album (PhD update)

Last week I started a new Phd tradition – weekly updates. Traditionally the second album for a successful pop group is somewhat less than successful, I feel some connection with that tradition. Hopefully it will be significant motivation for next week.

27th Feb to 6th Mar

Most of what I’ve done, and their feels to have been little enough of it, has been to continue reading literature and expanding the information for chapter 2 and the Ps Framework. As well as thesis content that reading has sparked a number of blog posts. Have started similar work with chapter 3 – even crossed one of the “to-dos” off the list.

The highlight of the past week has been the featuring of the PhD presentation at ANU on the Slideshare home page. That has seen the number of views go from 105 to 1373 in a week.

I did strike one to-do off the list – getting a copy of Shirley’s DESRIST paper.

The next week

In coming weeks I’m trying to focus on writing in the thesis rather than blog posts. The posts have been useful to get the brain and words flowing, but time for some concrete outcomes.

Specific outcomes I’m aiming for (and added to the to-do list):

  • Complete first draft of at least 1 Ps component section for chapter 2 – lets start with “Past Experience”.
  • Complete reading and give feedback on Shirley’s DESRIST paper.
  • Finalise a structure with rough content for chapter 3.


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  1. I have always wanted to start something like that but I realize that I am not the kind of person/blogger who blogs on a schedule. I sometimes get too busy I don’t have time to update my blog, though I really think that this is a great idea. It keeps you on track, and at the end of the semester, you can look back and say, “Look, this is what I have done in the past few months.”


    • G’day Clarissa,

      I’ve made failed attempts at this sort of thing. Though this is the first time I’m doing it in public on a blog. Not sure that will make a significant difference to the outcome. Time will tell. Good luck with yours.


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