Wesley Fryer has a post summarising a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson. I’m pulling out a few relevant quotes/recollections for later use.

Update: One of the comments on Wesley Fryer’s post points to video of Sir Ken giving a similar talk in another venue.

Common sense and innovation

Common sense (the things we take for granted) is the big obstacle for innovation

Resonates for me because on the main aims of my research in e-learning is that the “common sense” that surrounds current practice in e-learning is a big obstacle for innovation (and adoption, acceptance…). A perspective expanded in this post.

Excellence comes through customizing

The enemy of raising standards is conformity

Quality through consistency has been one of my bug bears for over 10 years. Talked about briefly here. I’m a fan of Oscar Wilde’s take on consistency

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Metaphors for higher education

a better metaphor for education is not manufacturing, but is agriculture

When you consider much of higher education is importing practices from manufacturing…