I’ve mentioned some plans to implement a rotating banner image on this blog. As you may have picked up from this post, if you’re looking at the site, that such a rotating banner image has been implemented. Here’s the story.

It’s one of pragmatism. The plan of not using an external server, after a minimum of searching, was proving to be a little more difficult than I thought. So rather than waste time I’ve simply re-used the approach I used on my old site. i.e. this script. At the moment the script simply does a loop through a list of images stored in the file system of the host web server.

After purchasing the “CSS Edit” ability from WordPress.com (about $AUD20 for a year) I’ve added a bit of CSS to call the above script and hey presto, rotating banner image.

In the spirit of release early, release often, I hope to continue modifying this to move it further away from the original design and towards some of the newer plans. In particular, the use of Flickr to host the images.