As part of my PhD thesis I’ll be generating some statistics about the usage of the Webfuse e-learning system that has been in use at CQU since 1996.

I plan to post those statistics to my blog to share the data but also to encourage discussion and suggestions around the causes and contributing factors behind these statistics. The comments I add will be definitely from my perspective and need to be questioned. My comments will also be very rough, at least until I’ve put all the statistics up on the page and reflected upon them.

First cab off the rank is the Webfuse quiz system.

Number of quizzes and course offerings per year

The following table shows the number of unique quizzes and course offerings that used the Webfuse quiz system per year.

Year # of Quizzes # of Courses
2001 73 34
2002 90 30
2003 104 34
2004 228 51
2005 164 51
2006 165 49
2007 139 41
2008 107 34

Some explanation might include

  • 2004 was the last year I was directly involved with Webfuse. My lack of involvement isn’t all that important but I believe it indicates a time in the organisation when the view was that the days of Webfuse were numbered. Hence academic staff started looking elsewhere.
  • 2004 was also when Blackboard was adopted and by late 2005 most of the bugs had been ironed out.

Number of students

The number of students taking a quiz per year and also the number of students at the University for the year.

Year # of Students
taking quizzes
# CQU Students
2001 3655 22065
2002 4377 23069
2003 4348 23060
2004 6008 24524
2005 6131 27990
2006 3357 27862
2007 2871 23193
2008 2359 20627