BIM – the show student posts screen

This post describes the initial implementation of show student posts screen. IT builds on the format/process used in the show student details screen. Required data There should be some similarity with the show student details screen. The first three match. Which students the marker is responsible for. User details for those students. Student details from student feeds Split students into […]

BIM – Staff show details screen

This post documents the creation/completion of the BIM show details screen. This is used by staff to get a summary of their student details, whether they have registered their feed, made posts etc. The BIM design will be based on the equivalent BAM screen with some slight modifications. For example, I don’t believe Moodle will have the equivalent of the […]

BIM – minor fixes to show student details

This post follows on from the last post in doing some minor improvements to the show student details screen in BIM. This includes: Link between the question ID and the question name Double check the display of the “All posts”. Add in the link to posts for Marked Answers. Re-do the interface to be Moodle like. Question ID and question […]

Herding cats and losing weight: the vimeo video

This is in part a test of’s new support for Vimeo video. The video below is of a presentation I gave at CQU this year. The abstract is below. The slides are on slideshare. Abstract The environment within which Universities operate has changed significantly over recent years. Two of the biggest changes have been a reduction in state funding […]

Shaking up e-learning "design" – little help?

This is a plea for pointers, suggestions and direct assistance. It arises from the confluence of at least three separate threads over the last couple of days: Some talk on Cloudworks about motivating teachers to use technologies; A blog post and associated presentation about bringing aspects of game design to boring tasks; and My current task on developing BIM, particularly […]

Supporting curriculum mapping?

The following was initially written as a report for my current institution. I’ve removed the name of the institution here. It is my perception that most universities suffer from the problems described below. I am particularly interested in answers to the following questions: Is there any university that has done curriculum mapping well, broadly (i.e. at least one program, perhaps […]

BIM – Saving/manipulating RSS files

In the last post I’d gotten started having the show student details screen actually getting data from the database. One data source this screen needs is not in the database, it’s in the RSS file from the student’s blog that is mirrored on the Moodle site. This post talks about the process about how BIM will be saving, reading and […]

BIM – Getting "show student details" working

This post summarises the work necessary to take the next step in BIM development. As summarised in the last post the plan is to implement the remaining screens roughly complete so that potential users can interact and give feedback. This included the need to start designing and populating remaining database tables. This post focuses on the implementation of the Show […]

BIM – getting student registration working

So, getting back into BIM development. The last post reminded me where I’m up to. The following is an attempt to plan, implement and document some code. Am starting where I left off, with the registration process for students. As part of this process I am finally starting to use the to do list for what it was meant to […]

BIM and Moodle development – a more coherent overview found?

Today has been a fairly frustrating today with a mixture of organisational “stuff” and an increasing level of annoyance at the state of the public documentation around Moodle development slowing down BIM development. That state is essentially with stuff all over the place, no coherent path through it and regularly discrepancies between advice from different sources, or sometimes the same. […]

Here come the indicators, wait for the task corruption

Over the weekend it was reported in various media outlets that the Australian government has a new plan for higher education. A plan that includes words like “results-based funding”, performance, targets, quality and “readily available”. They cynical tone that I hope you are hearing, is not solely – or even mainly – due to some opposition to the idea of […]