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Update on the website move – google rankings

In mid to late October 2008 I moved my long-term personal website to this blog, the early story is told here. One of my concerns voiced in that original post was to maintain by Google ranking. Here’s an update.

The first “problem” is the way that Google provides search results. Depending which country you are in the ranking will be different. When I originally reported that my personal website was #7 in a google for “david jones” this was based on a search from within Australia. I didn’t test what other countries saw, though I believe it was fairly high.

This is somewhat of a problem for comparison purposes as my new site is hosted by which, from a quick search that found nothing and a large assumption is located in the US. Update: The US assumption is correct – data centers in Dallas, San Francisco and San Antonio. Given the different locations, doing a direct comparison might be somewhat questionable.

Searching from within Australia this blog comes up as result 177 for “david jones”. From a US-based search it comes up as number 12.


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  1. You can go into Google Webmaster tools, register your ownership of your domain, then set the geographic location of the blog.

  2. Thought there might be some solution. The trouble is I’m not sure that I’m all that disappointed at being included in the US based version of Google as opposed to the Australian.

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