Problem: Implement a rotating banner image on this blog which is hosted by This means I cannot install any WordPress themes that automatically support bnner rotation (e.g. the Mandigo theme suggested by Will Taylor.

There is a known approach that relies upon you having some disk space on a server that will let you run a PHP script. I’d like to avoid using that approach.

Instead, my hope is to cobble something together using Flickr, Pipes and a bit of CSS. The following is an attempt to outline what steps are necessary to test this out.

Flickr constraints

First stop is to see if the conditions of use on Flickr will allow this. Yep, the Flickr Community Guidelines seems to indicate that you can use your content on other sites, just make sure that is a link back.

So, I should be able to show a flickr photo in the banner as long as there is a link back to the page on Flickr it comes from.

Modify CSS to get image from pipes

Next step is to see if I can modify the CSS of the theme I’m using to include a banner image, and then perhaps to include a banner image from a Pipes.

Use pipes to extract a single image from a gallery

Next step, would be to figure out how to write a pipe that will extract a single image from a Flickr gallery. Once that’s working figure out how to loop through the contents of the gallery so that rotation through the images is achieved.

Figure out the link back to the flickr photo page

If that’s all working I need to figure out how to provide a link back to the original flickr page. A banner image in a blog header usually returns back to the home page for the blog. Thinking perhaps some additional text with the name of the image could be included with a link back to the flickr photo page.