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PLEs@CQUni: Origins, rationale and outcomes so far

Yesterday I gave a presentation on the PLEs@CQUni project. It was a 30 minute presentation designed to give a quick overview of the origins of the project, why it is being run the way it is and what some of the outcomes have been so far. At a very brief, higher level. There are numerous talks in various aspects of this presentation.

The video should be available in a couple of days. Sadly, with various contextual factors playing a role the talk is somewhat sarcastic, not that this is something really new. The slides are on slideshare.

Perhaps the only thing that is truly new is an attempt to identify some of the fundamental assumptions about the practice of university learning and teaching which concepts we place under the PLEs bring into serious question. This is a topic I’ve blogged about and will probably continue adding a few more. You can see the start of that conversation on this post and should see links to subsequent posts at the end.

While the ideas within these are not new, the attempt to get them into a coherent whole for use at my host institution is somewhat new. Though perhaps not all that valuable.

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