The unit I work with received some good news on Friday. We were told that the proposal for looking at how CQU could adopt and adapt Personal Learning Environments had been successful. We’ll be receiving a significant influx of funds so that over the next two years we can take some significant steps to making the use of PLEs an almost regular experience for CQU staff and students.

It’s still very early days and we’re still figuring out just how we’ll approach this. More information about the project is available on the CDDU wiki including the original proposal.

There are a huge array of questions that we hope to think about and make some suggestions about over the next couple of years including (but certainly not limited to)

  • Exactly what is a PLE?
  • Does it make any sense at all for an organisation to be involved in PLEs (they’re meant to be an individual thing)? If yes, then what form should that involvement take?
  • PLEs, from any number of perspectives, are a radical departure for university staff and students, how do we design, develop and deploy PLEs that are adopted and beneficial for staff and students? Should we?
  • What educational approaches work best with PLEs? ….many more similar…
  • What impact does the adoption of PLEs have on more traditional forms of e-learning (e.g. VLEs, LMSs etc.)?