Assembling the heterogeneous elements for digital learning

Process and product are inextricably linked

Simon (1996, p 130) writing about the connection between what is designed (product) and the process used to designed it, says

What we ordinarily call “style”? may stem just as much from these decisions about the design process as from alternative emphases on the goals to be realized through the final design … both the shape of the design and organization of the design process are essential components of a theory of design.

The process used to design something, influences the end result. The nature of the process used, to some extent, limits what can be produced.

Earlier I wrote about my concerns around traditional instructional design as practiced at CQU in the late 1990s and how I thought participatory design might offer a different approach.

This quote from Simon has a nice resonance with this idea. It also provides a potential frame for a publication comparing the original approach with the new approach (whatever form that takes) and then doing a comparison of the outcomes.

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