Warger (2003) (amongst others) makes the claim

Best yet, the learning materials and student progress data that accumulate through use of the CMS become an ever-increasing source value to institutions of higher education.

Questions that arise

  1. Does the progress data actually provide anything useful for organisations?
  2. Is it the only source of such data? What about logging into the computer network, using other administrative portals?
  3. How effectively can organisations gain access to this data? Are there tools available? Who do these tools “serve”, teaching staff, managers?
  4. Are there any organisations actually using this data?
    I know CQU isn’t really, at least not beyond the odd academic. Recently CQU discovered that some of the logging functionality in Blackboard hadn’t even been turned on. I have seen some papers (e.g. ASCILITE 2006) talking about how the data has been used post term, but haven’t yet seen anything about during term at an organisational level.


Tom Warger, Calling All Course Management Systems University Business, July 2003