A long and interesting post from Dion Hinchcliffe about a bunch of Web 2.0 stuff.

The bit that caught my eye was the section title “Web 2.0 is much more about a change in people and society than technology”

This resonates with all those Web 2.0 naysayers that point out that none of the technology in Web 2.0 is really new. What is new appears to be how that technology is bundled and leverage to enable people to do different things, and that there are people who are actually ready to do different things.

The blogosphere and other “Web 2.0” communities show that there are people who have changed, who are ready to “be Web 2.0”. But I’m not sure how widespread those people/views really are.

The eLearning 2.0 crowd is a pretty small proportion of all educators. I know that most of the people at my institution have little or no idea about this 2.0 stuff and the ideas of openness, sharing, remixing etc would be very challenging.

Getting the technology working is interesting and fun. It’s also easy compared to using and introducing the technology in a way that a majority of people within an organisation will change their current practices and be “2.0”.