Assembling the heterogeneous elements for (digital) learning

Web 2.0: A New Wave of innovation for teaching and learning?

Bryan Alexander’s March/April 2006 EDUCAUSE Review article on Web 2.0. Much good stuff, a good summary.

Something to refer to later.


Web 2.0 Course Sites and the organisational challenge


Experiment with Google and open course content


  1. Thank you for the link.

    What are the most interesting parts of Web 2.0 for education, in your thinking these days?

  2. G’day Bryan,

    The link was easy. Your article was much more work.

    My current interest in Web 2.0, as it has been with elearning for a while now, is around organisational implementation and adoption.

    Does it make sense for widespread organisational adoption? Still an open question.
    How to do you encourage/support it? Why would most people adopt it? Particularly within higher education. Obviously all of these also assume you have some firmish idea of what web 2.0/elearning 2.0 actually is.

    Many academic staff are still struggling with using course management systems. Organisations are just getting settled with CMS as they way of doing elearning. Many senior management are only just getting their head around elearning 1.0

    Web 2.0 introduces a whole range of changes that are going to challenge many people and perceptions within Universities.


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