It’s now the end of week 2 of CQU’s Term 2 for 2006. This is the first attempt at a log entry for the first test of the BAM project in the CQU course COIS20025, Systems Development Overview

Key events this week

  • Initial BAM Management interface up and going
  • Concerns from staff about the workload for students and a response
  • Potential problems with workload for staff
  • A Technorati search for “COIS20025” reveals 7 posts, including this one.
  • A similar search for “systems analyst” reveals 33,908 posts including many related to this course.
    Highlights that this use of blogs is a public medium.
  • 159 of 283 students have registered their blogs
  • A number of students seem to be confused about the requirements e.g.
    • Many haven’t registered their blog home page, but instead the URL of their first post
    • A number believe they have to tell me, or other staff, the URL of their answer to their weekly answers.