Assembling the heterogeneous elements for (digital) learning

Month: March 2006

Writing and sending the email to students – using blogs

I’m trying to come up with the email that I’ll send to all the DE students telling them about the how and why they’ll be creating a blog for COIT11134.

Important Lesson(s)

Wordpress, the blog hosting option I’ve chosen, seems simple and easy to use.  Should be a good choice. But my perception is almost certainly going to be different to the students.


How the hell do I make the email small enough for students to read it but still provide all the information that is required?  How can I possibly explain blogs when I don’t really know the backgrounds of the students?  How do I stop myself from telling them too much or not telling them enough?

Perhaps I just have to do it and then hope they’ll ask questions and let me know.


Getting started with the blog

I’ve just created the new sample student blog for COIT11134.  This is the first post.  I’ve changed the look for the blog and removed the test post that WordPress adds automatically.

Most important

Not sure there is a most important concept for this task.  Maybe it is just getting use to using the blog interface.


Ignoring all the bells and whistles in the interface and just concentrating on getting something up that is useful for the students.

I also wonder if all this is going to be too difficult for the students who may not believe the benefits I’m suggesting.  Are the benefits actually there?  Guess we’ll know in a few weeks time.

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